Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Smoke Detector Goes Off Randomly: Redux

Do you remember when I was living in my previous apartment long before The Man and I were an item and my smoke detector decided it wanted to go off full-bore in the middle of the night?  Remember that?

Good.  Now let me tell you about last night.

We're in a different apartment, under different management, with completely different smoke detectors.  Our current detector is hard-wired with a battery back-up.  And, yesterday morning, one of them chirped.  Meh, no worries, maybe a power surge or something, right?  By last night, the chirping had increased both in volume, duration, and frequency.  CHIRP.  CHIRP.  CHIRP.  Every five minutes.  Then less, maybe once an hour.  Then more often, a double-beep of CHIRP-CHIRP every three or so minutes.

I nearly tore one off the wall trying to figure out how to get inside.  I did determine that I did not have the tools to replace the batteries as I don't have some stupid screwdriver shape.  Blah.  We put everything back on the wall and called our after-hours maintenance pager.

You read that correctly, a pager.  Like, who in their right mind still uses a pager!?

When they finally called back, the informed me that my beeping smoke detector was not, in fact, an emergency.  I beg to differ.  They told me to poke the button to silence the alarm.  I did.  I poked long, I poked short, I poked and poked.  It would not stop chirping.  They said they'd visit tomorrow and fix it.

Which left me with a chirpy alarm ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  $#@!

We closed the door to the room with Chirpy McAnnoying and tried to sleep.  I mean, we really tried.  All I have to say today is that I've become an expert in the wiring of a smoke detector and that everything is exactly as it was at the beginning of my evening.  Argh.  We'll see if the complex managers actually fix anything by tonight.

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