Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Shoe Love

Isn't it amazing how a new pair of shoes can be so uplifting?  I bought the Ryka Revive 2 (in silver/firerose) shoes at a local retailer last night and fell in love immediately.  Finally, I found shoes widely available that fit my feet and didn't cost more than $100!  I did not know that was possible.

I've heard good things about Ryka.  They make durable shoes on women's lasts so they fit women's feet better than many of the other brands.  The brand tends to run narrow up to the arch and then widens out for the ball of the foot and toes.  This means the shoes fit tight to my ankle and across the arch, and my feet don't slip at all as I walk.  But the extra room at the toe box means my feet don't cramp as I walk or pinch my toes nearly as much.

The heel is even contoured or created so that I strike on the outer edge of my heel, not straight on the center like a robot.  It's much more natural and comfortable to walk right away in these shoes than to have to wear off the heel in my other all-terrain shoes.  Also, these are much, much lighter and more breathable than Merrell or Keen shoes (fully-lugged soles weigh a ton).

So my narrow feet are tightly bound in these new shoes, with toe wiggle room to boot (pun, sorry).  I might go purchase full-length gel insoles just to give a bit more squish, but those actually aren't necessary.  I'm thrilled and amazed at the same time.

And under $50? Icing on the cake.

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