Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Search for Feathers

Apparently there's a new trend out there where girls are tying long, skinny feathers in their hair.  I'd be fine with that if it was for a costume or like a whim for a day, but no, these girls are doing it permanently.  Like, they wash their hair with the feather still sewn in their hair.  The trend has been so intense that fishing tackle and fly shops are out of feathers.  Um, wow.

Luckily enough for me, however, I don't happen to want to participate in this season's hot new trend.  I was on the search for shorter and more neutral colored feathers than what the trend happens to be.  When I walked into our local fly shop and answered the nice store guy that, no, I was not intending to sew lime green turkey feathers in my hair, he was much nicer that he might have been.  I wanted them for a hat.

I'll rant about hats soon enough as that's another saga.  To summarize that story, I bought a straw hat this weekend in the shape of a sort of tall fedora.  It has a black edge on the straw brim, and I sewed a black twill hat band on it to sort of shorten the overall height visually.  I stuck mallard feathers in the band in a very classy sort of wing.  Pictures? Not at this time.

I also got some orange and black pheasant feathers and some purple spotted guinea feathers.  They'll probably end up either as another hat ornament or crafted into a fascinator.

Apparently Blogger thinks "fascinator" is not a word.  I assure you it is.  A fascinator is a sort of feathery or ribbony headpiece.  They can be as small as a a single feather on a Goody barrette (you know, those springy ones), or they can be as scary as that ribbon/pretzel/anatomical disaster a certain princess wore to a recent royal wedding.  I am planning to be more understated than poke-your-eyeballs-out scary.  Because scary? isn't something to which I aspire.

If you are searching for feathers in the mid-Willamette Valley, you might check out Michael's.  They have a small selection of pre-arranged feathers.  They also have peacock feathers at a pretty reasonable price.  They also have some of the natural brown and long, skinny feathers.  Backcountry Fly Shop in Corvallis has a very nice selection of mid-sized feathers in addition to some very outlandish longer and wider feathers.  They have squirrel tails and whole skins with the feathers still intact.  Very impressive.  Jo-Ann Fabrics didn't have anything from what I could see in the way of feathers, but I wasn't looking too hard as we were in a hurry to get the twill tape.

Hey, look at me, all on the cutting edge of fashion wearing feathers in my hair.  Except in a non-permanent, more grown-up and classy sort of way.

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