Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ta Da! ...again

I couldn't take all of the color.  This is a much better option, easier on the eyes and all that.  I'll try to find time in the next few days to tweak the header again, but for now I'm much happier with the whole blog look.

Thanks to all of the poll responders helping me choose my subtitle.  I ended the poll early as people had pretty much given me the direction I needed.  The Man's mom had a great suggestion which I ran with, so that's up.

I also updated the "About Jaggy" and "Married Life" pages.  An "About The Man" page should pop up in the next week or so.  Not bad for three evenings of hard work!

Anyway, sorry for all of the confusion and craziness.  Construction zones are often dangerous places, so I am glad you've stuck around to see the changes and continued to read despite my color disaster.  Hope you enjoy this one just a little it more.

My crab show is on in twenty minutes, so I need to get moving.  Need me some Time Bandit tonight!


Jules said...

yep, i like these colors a lot more too. nice change.

cm0978 said...

Yes -- love the new subtitle!! And the color scheme.

`Adrielne said...

I love the colors on the background - and I can't wait to see how the finished header will look like! :)