Monday, June 06, 2011

Things got Cheesy this Weekend

I have officially eaten pizza five days in a row.  My body hates me.  None of it was gluten free.  All of it was greasy.  I'm making soup tonight loaded with veggies and real meat and a smidge of heavy cream (because, really, that's the only fat in my soup, and evaporated milk just doesn't give me the right richness my soup needs). Making my own soup means easy lunches for the rest of the week, yay!

I really did enjoy most of the pizza though.  We went to Walery's in Salem on Sunday to spend some time with good friends.  Greasy, hot, deliciousness.  My frozen pizza on Saturday night wasn't too bad either, though it was rather saucy.  And the Lean Pockets, an easy (and relatively healthy) lunch on both Friday and today, were pretty good.  They fill me up and hold me most of the afternoon.

When I wasn't eating pizza this weekend, I was moving.  Not from one home to the next, just physically moving. The Man and I went to my parents' house Saturday evening to wash our cars.  His needed a wipe-down compared to my poor car's scrubbing.  Mom and I both worked hard on my car and took longer together than The Man did working on his car by himself.  The inside got vacuumed, scrubbed, 409'ed, and wiped off.  We even cleaned around the gas cover thingy.  Short of tearing apart the engine, my car is as clean as it has ever been.  Poor thing needs to be waxed something awful, but maybe one of these days I'll set out for that type of icky job.  Just not today.

Sunday was super busy.  We got up early and left just after 8am to head over the mountains.  Not quite two hours later, we arrived at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  The Man, a native Oregonian, had never been there, so I just had to remedy his lack of being places.  I think he was a bit underwhelmed, but we did enjoy tasting lots of yummy cheese and even spending more than we should have on plenty of treats.  Our whole adventure there only took about forty-five minutes.  I'd packed some snacks knowing we'd be buying cheese for lunch, so we hopped down to Netarts and had lunch on the bayfront while watching the tide go out.  Cheese, jerky, peanuts, corn chips, cheese, cookies, pop, cheese... it was a yummy lunch.  We hopped back in the car and drove straight through to Salem by 2:00pm for pizza at Walery's.  Phew.

We pretty much did nothing for the rest of our weekend.  Watched a movie, lounged around, tried to chill away headaches, and snacked on more yummy cheeses.

I have to say, though, no matter how many different kinds of cheese I eat, I always go back to Tillamook medium cheddar.  Always.

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