Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bloody Hot

Oregon-born and Oregon-bred, The Man and I love it here.  We've made the decision to not leave the state (or at least southern Washington) for jobs, even if that means sacrificing better pay or a more glamorous lifestyle.  Our hearts are here, our families are here, and we love all that Oregon has to offer.

Well, except for the heat (and the Californians and the hippies, but that's another story).  Like last night when our bottom-floor apartment was in the 80s all night.  We opened every window we have, had two huge oscillating fans blowing anything not tied down, and plenty of cross-breeze working its magic.  Okay, working its monstrous fail.  We tried everything to get our 800 sq.ft. of living space to chill the heck out, but nothing helped.  The Man and I shucked our quilt off the bed leaving only a thin blanket over our [new!] sheets.  Even that didn't help much.  I put one fan as close to the window as I could, going as far as setting it on top of my dresser to get the air moving at the top of the room, you know, because heat rises and all that.  Unfortunately we can't keep the windows open more than a crack as we're on the first floor.  Allergies, too, are another good reason to keep the windows closed.

So today I called our apartment manager so they would install our air conditioner.  Here's to hoping Breezy McFreezy isn't too big for any of our windows.  He's about to be put to very good use.  A lot.

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MissKris said...

One thing many of the houses here in Michigan has is central air. Let me tell you, there's a HUGE difference between 80+ degrees in a house in a climate with relatively no humidity to a house where the humidity equals the temperature! You could sweat off 10 pounds in a nite, haha! I am SO thankful our house has AC!! Here in SE Michigan we get a lot of what they call the 'lake effect' winds and that helps quite a bit...I don't have to run the AC 24/7. But when we DO need it, is it ever a blessing! I'm hoping your new AC fits and does the job. It's a luxury and worth EVERY penny on the electric bill!!