Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Defending Champ Takes Second

Our annual family get-together was this weekend with The Man's very large extended family.  More people attended this year than I've ever seen, probably close to seventy-five by the end of the day.  We all ate way too much good food, enjoyed tastier desserts than ever, and spent a great morning and afternoon reconnecting.

Each year, his family has a dessert contest.  The competition keeps getting more stiff.  A plain ol' apple pie won't win any ribbons, no sir.  Neither will a sheet cake with simple icing.  Jell-o jigglers? fuggeddaboutit.

The Man was defending "his" title from last year, so we each upped our game this year to reflect our new skills and ideas.  I entered a classic sugar cookie decorated as a strawberry.  The royal icing job looked pretty good (and was technically correct), and the cookie itself was quite tasty even without icing.  The Man entered some chocolate-on-chocolate cake pops dressed as two- or three-eyed monsters.  They were delicious.  New favorite way to eat chocolate cake!  While he did have some help using the oven (he's like other children in the kitchen, okay?), The Man did do all of the decorating part himself.

He ended up placing second to a huge marshmallow-graham cracker-chocolate s'mores volcano that was built buy a team.  I'm not even sure some of the teammates are actually family, so I hesitate to point out the whole "they cheated" bit, but it was a pretty impressive cake to say the least.  Third place was a fantastic farm scene that was entirely edible.  The bakers even had a pond, a standing barn and silo, and the cutest fence I've seen in a long time.  My little strawberry cookies didn't even place.

But the compliments we received on the super tasty cake pops more than made up for that.


Katrina said...

Your strawberry cookies are adorable, and I love the monsters as well. Plus I imagine they're as tasty as they look. Nice work!

angie brooks said...

Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but great stuff! Thanks for sharing!