Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dones

Our desserts for the dessert contest are done.  Not exactly sure how to transport The Man's... it'll be an adventure getting them to the gathering.

My dress is almost done.  I got the zipper in last night without too much trouble.  I'm down to bias-tape-ing the edges and hemming up the sleeves.  Unfortunately, while the dress fits, it has some major gap-osis problems in the chestal region, so there might not be much I can do.  The pattern just wasn't made for someone with boobs.

Cursed boobs.

Our air conditioner has been installed!  YAY!  It's fully functional and... well, let's just say the install job leaves much to be desired.  Fully functional is a small miracle judging by the amount of packing tape they used to secure it to the sill.  Thrilled to be cool, yes.  Thinking a monkey could have installed it more securely, also yes.

We are both taking a three-day weekend, so after our family thing on Saturday, we'll be spending some much-needed quiet time together.  Maybe at the coast.  I'm pulling for the coast.

What else is done in our little world?  Decision making!  But more on that later.

I am going to finish my dress and then spend my evening playing LEGO Pirates.  Or kicking The Man's butt at some Mario Kart.  Donkey Kong and I are taking names tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Your desserts were beautiful! Good Job, (Pretty Good, as Grandma G would say)!

Oh, and I LOVE THE RAIN!! Like mother, like daughter!