Monday, July 25, 2011

A Hike, A Visit, and a Whole Lot of Books

Yay for great weekends!

The Man and I invited my sister and her husband over on Saturday for a hike in Beazell Memorial Forest out in Kings Valley.  We took the Plunkett Creek trail out and back.  Just a little way down the trail, we stopped at the covered pavilion and had a tasty sack lunch.  The day was a tad warm and humid for me, but it wasn't bad at all on the downhill sections.  Felt like I was breathing mud on the uphill parts though, hehe.  All shady, near a little stream, so no sunburns.  Lots of bugs though.  Didn't enjoy the bugs.

Sunday was also adventurous.  I popped over to my parents' house to help Mom move some pictures from her phone to her computer.  We ran into town to Costco and then visited my grandma who is recovering from a knee replacement.  Now she has two bionic legs!  Further proof that I definitely won't be earning myself Catholic knees anytime soon, cursed genetics.

Finally, with Borders stores closing, The Man and I made a dash over to our local store and did some purchasing.  We bought a game, Dominion, in addition to three or four books each.  It was an expensive trip, but there are no more places between Corvallis and Powell's (Portland) that sell the oddball books The Man and I enjoy reading most.  Not that I mind a two-hour drive to Powell's, spending a day there getting lost in the stacks, and getting taken out to dinner in the big city, but it's rather inconvenient for the quick trip.  Hopefully The Book Bin will start offering some good coupons for new books, otherwise it's all online for us.  Sad.

I do love me some good books.

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