Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make that a Six Thousand Dollar Smile

I took the whole day off work today to get some dental work done.  Not just a measly filling but a crown and four fillings in four teeth.  And I have good teeth!

How can I say I have good teeth and still need fillings?  Three of my fillings were super tiny surface fillings that were more about prevention than actually fixing anything.  One was so small that my dentist didn't even fill anything, he just polished the tooth surface smooth.  Yeah.  The other filling was replacing a previous filling that had cracked, so technically that wasn't even my tooth.  Aside from needing the crown today, the rest of my work was merely preventative or regular maintenance.

And the crown?  That was only necessary because my stupid orthodontist put the band around that tooth and didn't clean it off very well in the process, so I ended up with two cavities in the one tooth after five years in braces.  Nothing I could do about it.  My old dentist patched it up the best he could, but my new dentist opted to put a ceramic crown on it rather than having to do a root canal later.  Yay for not having a root canal!  Major thumbs down though for the whole needing a crown due to negligence and laziness on other people's part.

Since my dentist refuses to do the metal fillings and gold crowns, my insurance company won't even pay half of the total cost of today's adventure.  I can think of at least a hundred ways I'd rather have spent that thousand dollars today.  After orthodontia and the fillings on the other teeth that had bands on them, I officially have a six-thousand-dollar smile now.

Somehow that doesn't make any of my current pain feel any better.  Hate dentists.  Hate them so much.

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