Saturday, July 02, 2011

Somedays I Can't Believe Myself

I spent $60 today on make-up.  Every fiber of my being recoiled in horror at the dollar amount, but every ounce of my frivolous side was delighted.  Several hours later, I am still feeling both emotions at the same time.

Now before you get all judgmental on me for a whopping $60, allow me to explain what I bought and why I got what I got.  I set out with a plan, a budget, and my own personal make-up guru.  My sister has been helping me understand the wild world of make-up and fashion for several years, partly because that's what she enjoys, and partly because I need help in that department.  She purchased this fancy make-up palette several months ago, and the colors in it have been growing on me ever since.  The Man agreed that I could also buy the palette if I raised half the money for the cost on mTurk (another post about that later).  I managed to raise that amount in just over two days!

My sister and I set out for Ulta this morning.  I had never been in an Ulta before, so it was all new to me.  We arrived at Keizer Station's store just after it opened.  Thankfully I wasn't greeted by a thousand perfumes or that nasty hairspray and nail polish stench.  I browsed for a while and sniffed a few interesting scents before grabbing my prized palette, handing over my hard-earned dough, and giddily rushing out to the car.

I spent $48 on the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  And it is gorgeous.  In my own defense, knock-off versions of those colors are at least $4 to $5 each in the drugstore and aren't as pigmented (meaning you have to use more to get the same effect).  For all twelve colors, that's already $48.  Some of those beautiful colors aren't even available outside the set.

We then went over to MAC in Nordstrom at Salem Center where I spent another $16-ish on a concealer.  Lots of money again, right?  But it's made to match my super-light complexion exactly, something no drugstore brand can say.  Nobody else goes that light (between NC10 and NC15).  I'm already spending $20 a year on concealer that cakes up and doesn't cover very well, not to mention doesn't last very long, so $16 on a better, longer-lasting product doesn't seem so illogical to me.

Here's to spending a little on myself, a fun morning adventure, and feeling a bit frivolous just this once.

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