Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Furniture Manufacturers

Hi there,

Do you think it would be possible to get a normal table on the market?  My husband and I spent a large portion of our very precious weekend searching high and low for a dining set that fits our style and needs, and once again came up empty-handed.  Our style is pretty basic, and our needs are also relatively easy to fit, but getting the two to match seems to be impossible.  If you could, nice furniture people, make or find us a table with the following in mind:

- Seats 4 to 6 people, or at least four chairs with the option to get two more later
- Smallish, like 36"-40" square with a butterfly leaf that expands to no more than 54"
- Pedestal, not a four-legged monstrosity (our tight fit is going to make it hard enough to get one's legs under the table, no sense making it harder with additional table legs in the way)
- Not counter-height, just regular table height, because I want my feet to touch the floor, thankyouverymuch
- No upholstery, because while I can recover a chair, why don't we just cut out that whole mess
- Oak, maple, alder, hickory, or bamboo with a natural finish (no stains, just clear varnish), solid wood preferred, but thick veneer is also okay for the right price.  Nothing dark.  Espresso is a drink, not a furniture color.  Please move on from this horrific dark-staining/painting wood trend.
- Chairs with no center spindles in the back.  I don't like having to decide which side of the center spindle my spine is going to lean into.  My inner symmetry gets all messed up when I have to deal with that.
- No arrowback chairs.  Can somebody please make a different spindle already?!
- New or like-new since we plan to keep this bugger around for a long, long time

Oh, and if you could do all of that for around $600, that'd be great.  Thanks.

Can't wait to sit down around a beautiful new-to-us table,

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