Monday, August 01, 2011

Dominion Gaming

A week ago or so, The Man and I made a trip to Borders to see what we could score in their big closing sale.  We both got books, and we also purchased a game called Dominion.  We had been searching for the game for several months and lucked into getting it on sale.  Yay!

With the trend being big party games right now, it's been difficult for The Man and I to find 2-person games.  We play games together sometimes.  Scrabble is one of our favorites.  We also like Sequence, play the occasional Go Fish or Speed, and Trivial Pursuit from time to time.  Our shelf of games is pretty large at this point, full of small group or couple games with the exception of Apples to Apples (love!).  I like Cribbage, too, but The Man and I haven't played it for some reason.

Dominion is a card game with a dedicated deck, meaning it doesn't use regular cards.  You have to buy the game in order to play (unlike, say, poker or blackjack or rummy that use standard 52-card decks).  Without going into detail about how to play the game, I'll simply say that when The Man and I play, things move quickly and are cutthroat.  It's fun.

We went to The Man's parents' house this weekend to have a picnic with them.  It was a posh picnic in the backyard under a shady tree complete with roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and fresh local fruit.  Yum!  We taught them how to play the game, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Later in the day, we stopped to visit my parents and ended up teaching them how to play the game.  It takes a full game in order for someone to moderately understand what is going on, and I think I played five or six games before I developed any sort of strategy.  Teaching the game is rather exhausting, but we're learning how to better and more efficiently explain what goes on with each hand.

Since there are so many cards in the set (500!) and each game only uses a portion of the total, every time we play we get to experience a new game.  Sometimes we kick ourselves for not having purchased a fun thing a lot sooner, but we really appreciate having the game now.

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