Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Early Birthday To ME!

The Man and I have birthdays just over two months apart.  Literally, I suppose, since we're both products of 1983.  And now, in this odd gap when he's "a year older," I have to remind myself that 28 isn't so far off for me. It's time to start thinking about birthday presents.

About five years ago, my mother bought me a sewing machine for Christmas.  It was a sturdy little machine, perfect for machine piecing small projects, hemming pants, and one or two decorative stitches.  I made a lot of things with that machine, everything from curtains to clothes to quilts.  The machine is still in good condition, plus I have acquired a few accessories for it.  But quilting a queen-sized quilt?  Forget it.  I've become an expert in fixing thread tension in the last year.  I'm also quite skilled at unjamming, untangling, unraveling thread from the bobbin area.  Not my favorite things to do.

For the last year or so since I've become more serious about quilting, I've been price shopping and comparing different makes and models of sewing machines.  There are as many brands and models of those as there are cars!  Domestics, imports, horsepower, all sorts of wheels and tires and belts and lights... wouldn't it be great if there was a sewing machine database where you could plug in the things you need, maybe a brand or two (for loyalty reasons), and get the best value for your dollar?

Since my old machine is a Huskystar E10, and just about everyone in my family has a Husqvarna-Viking, I did want to stay with that brand.  They seem to be well-respected, plus I can find them locally.  In all of my research, I didn't find many complaints about Vikings, especially compared to other brands, and H-V's are pretty popular.  On a side note, The Man thinks it is hilarious that Husqvarna makes sewing machines.  He wants to know where the pull-start is to make the chain-saw noises... and that's why he's not allowed to touch my toys.

To make a long research story short, I found a machine I love at a price I'm willing to live with--on sale.  After our meeting with our financial advisor on Tuesday, I coerced The Man into driving to Albany to buy me an early birthday present (there may or may not have been a bribe involved).  With all of the price shopping, it was very clear to me that Oregon Sew-Vac has the best prices in the valley for Viking machines.  Like, by $200.  Yeah.

SO!  Details?

Husqvarna-Viking Emerald 203:  it's a computerized machine, but that's not saying much.  It can't connect to my computer, it isn't programmable to create a whole project for me, and it certainly doesn't help me select fabric colors.  Those machines cost five digits.  But it does do some neat things that I'll actually use and maybe a few things that are nice to have just in case.

Happy early birthday to me!

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