Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Made a Purse!

I made a purse, and it doesn't look like some crappy DIY job either.  It's something I'm comfortable using around town, and that's saying quite a lot considering my overwhelming dislike of all things purse-y.  Eddie Bauer backpacks, Timbuk2 messenger bags, and all other things made out of ballistic nylon are much more my speed.

A few months ago, my sister and I were wandering around a local craft store when we spotted a super cute pattern.  The pattern includes pockets on the inside of a purse, something we both demand.  We're not talking one or two pockets, something more on the order of eight to ten.  Yeah.  Ten pockets.  Bring it on.
I allowed her first crack at the purse-making since she's much more into purses and had the time.  Hers turned out wonderfully, and she picked up on all the pattern quirks for me (thanks!).  After finally wrapping up eighty-eleven other projects, I snagged her to go fabric shopping with me this last weekend.  $25 later and almost two hours later, I had all of my fabric, a snazzy magnetic clasp, and two zippers which aren't even called for in the pattern (no zipping pockets = need for ditty bags, oh well).

Between the washing, ironing, cutting, fusing, stitching, re-ironing, stitching, re-re-ironing, and more stitching, I made a purse.  It's even cute!  I still have to get a cardboard bottom to help that hold its shape, but otherwise the whole project wrapped up in about eight hours.  A nice weekend project for someone as busy as me, but it might be an afternoon/evening project for a really organized person with lots of sewing experience.

I used this pattern, and these fabrics in a swirly black, pink, green, and patterned print.  All of the fabric and notions were purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

The first picture shows the outside front of the bag.  The other side is identical except for the smaller pocket which is only on the front side.  Pleats are not my favorite thing to sew, but I learned a lot once again.  The second picture is of the inside pockets.  Note the pink trim and pink ditty bag (with green lining).  The third picture is the green ditty bag with pink lining.  Zippers no longer scare me!  And finally, the fourth picture is of the snazzy metal clasp.  The original pattern calls for a loop and button hook deal, which takes so much work to do and undo, so really?  Magnets.  Yeah.

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cm0978 said...

VERY nice and cute! Love the colors and the pockets inside. Let me know how it works in the field.