Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lamenting Lunch

I have lunch issues.  Breakfast has never been a problem for me, and I could pretty much exist on breakfast food 24/7 if it was actually healthy enough (and my tummy would let me eat eggs without going all 'smells-of-death' on me).  Dinner is easy enough since I have time and am home to cook pretty much whatever I'm motivated to cook.  But lunch?  Ugh.

I am not a sandwich person.  I like them well enough, but more than twice a week is just too much.  I've had my fair share of PB&J, cheese and turkey, and the ever-so-rare ham sandwiches over the years.  Filling, yes, but also not that exciting.  Even when I cut the crusts off and make shapes with the bread.  Even when I spend money on fancy bread.  Bor-ring.  (As for that whole "mayo and mustard" bit, no.  Just no.)

The Man stands incredulous about the amount of soup I can eat without growing tired of it.  He sees all soup as pretty much the same stuff, but between clear broths and creamy bases, loads of healthy veggies, and home-cooked meat, I could almost eat soup every day.  The Oregonian in me just about goes filberts for tomato soup and grilled Tillamook cheese sandwiches.  But those easy-soup-in-a-can deals are gag-me-with-a-soup-spoon horrendous.  Way too salty.  And making soup is fine during the winter, but I often don't have the motivation or desire to heat up the house through the warmer months.

Also?  I stick to a fairly consistent low-gluten diet.  Because I don't like having tummy pain and gas that can clear a two-story house.  Too much information?  Sorry.  (Not.)

So lunches are pretty much my least favorite meal.  I have a hard time being creative, don't always want to spend the effort to make something specifically for lunch, and don't always have enough leftovers from the previous dinner.  Plus there's only so many ways to eat corn chips and cheese.  Or hominy and cheese.  Or the extra special splurge on turkey and cheese with grapes.  Yeah, I was proud of myself on that day.

What's a lunch-challenged girl to do!?

I found inspiration via Pinterest!  Check out these wonderful pictures of all the neat lunch ideas some nice mommies are packing for their very lucky kiddos.  I don't think my lunches will ever be the same again!

Ethan's Kindergarden and First Grade Lunches (great selection, plus lots of food for a kid-at-heart too!)

Lunches To Go (a little more grown-up)

Easy Lunchboxes (plus they sell those cute containers on their main site!)


Cindy said...

Yeah, Love these ideas for lunch. I just want someone else to make them for me!

Jules said...

Yeah, lunches are hard enough to make for myself every. single. day. And then I get to make my husband's and kid's lunches too. Thankfully the kids don't mind the repetition yet. The adults of the house however, would rather eat out. I'll have to check that website and see how it helps