Saturday, August 06, 2011

New Phone Love

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but I officially conquered the bathroom.  All of the caulking is down, dried, and beautiful.  The new shower curtain is hung on the new shower rod (which was raised six inches to normal height).  The new rug is down, squishy, and completely wonderful.  The artwork for the walls is in progress and should be finished tomorrow.  Yay for a bathroom overhaul for under $100!  I should post pictures of the re-do soon.

In other news, The Man and I got new cell phones this week.  We got each got a super fancy Samsung Infuse.  Considering our last phones were five years old in his case and battery-dying-daily miserable in my case, we were pretty desperate for new phones.  Neither of us have ever had data phones before, and we knew we did not want to sell our souls to Apple, so we stuck with the Android operating system.  We can easily sync our home and work e-mails to our phones, plus we have acquired a few apps that help us with our budget (yay EEBA!)  We've had quite the learning curve with fancy phones, thus several busy evenings this weekend spent on those and not on bloggy.

Remember Plant Deux?  I was sure I killed it at the end of last year, but it survived the winter and spring, and it is as green and shiny as ever.  The poor thing doesn't get sun at all, not even a little bit.  I'm as amazed as ever that it made it this far.  With a little confidence, I think I'm ready to try another type of plant.  I'm still thinking I'll go with a succulent since my ability to remember watering is right up there with my ability to resist all things peanut-buttery-chocolate.  Rare indeed.  Does anyone have experience with Kalanchoe plants?

Laundry to do, dinner to make...


Skunk said...

We both have Droids and have quickly learned that we can't live without them. :) Have fun!

MissKris said...

Kalenchoes...hmmmmm. I'm a person with a very green thumb when it comes to indoor plants and I don't have much luck with Kalenchoes or Jade plants. Not for lack of caring for them, but they're both very susceptible to fruit flies. Any fruit flies that get into your apartment will go right to those succulents and lay their eggs down in the soil. By the time you see the leaves starting to turn brown and fall off, the damage is done. The larva chew the roots from underneath so you're not aware of it until the plant is ruined.