Tuesday, August 09, 2011

So Much Done, So Little Blogging

Ack, I keep reminding myself I need to blog, but then I forget, and that's how we end up here with several days gone and no updates.

Sunday was a whirlwind day of activity for me.  I got up late, got started a little late on a project, fought too long with the printer, and only finished my project around 11:00pm.  But it's done.  More about that project tomorrow.

Sunday also included a little investment/purchase.  We bought a SodaStream!  More on that purchase later this week.

Monday?  Migraine.  Sorry, I didn't feel up to posting.  But The Man made us taquitos from Trader Joe's that weren't bad.  They weren't so bad that I was able to eat five of them in one sitting even with a pounding head and didn't have any digestive complications like the Delimex taquitos give me.  They were a cheap $3 dinner that filled both of us up for a while.  The Man rated them a 6/10, and I'm going for an 8/10, mostly because they mean I don't have to cook.  The Man did mention that my homemade baked taquitos are on his last-meal list, though, so it looks like I still have to cook every once in a while.

A friend loaned me The French Chef on DVD, so I might spend this evening watching Julia Child teach me how to make bad meat taste good, good meat taste bad, or whatever it is the French do to food that makes my tummy turn.  The Man will get his full Julia Child indoctrination, too.  So excited!

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