Monday, August 29, 2011

Stitched My Weekend Away

The Man and I did not go to Salem on a weekend for once this summer.  We washed and waxed my car on Friday night, played some cards with my parents, and were up far too late.  Saturday included some sleeping in, a little bit of shopping, and a whole lot of sewing on my new machine.  Sunday also saw me stitching away, plus I did some cooking and a touch of cleaning.  That doesn't sound like very much, but we were busy for a lot of the time.

I bought new jeans this weekend.  The dryer had shrunk my last few pairs into a size much too small, so I finally went out and bought some new ones.  $44/pair!  I about cried at the price.  But not having to get a larger size?  Oh that made me very happy.  It was totally the dryer's fault, for once!

I made my very own orange chicken this weekend, but it was a bit too orange-y for me.  The flavor was great, and The Man seemed to enjoy it, but I have to work on the recipe quite a bit in order to make it good to my taste.

Not much happening this week.  We are both working and looking forward to the coming long weekend.

Oh, and one more thing: I'd like to wish my parents a very happy 30th anniversary!

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