Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bench

As I mentioned last week, The Man and I have had seating issues since we bought new living room furniture.  We have enough seating, just not well-placed seating.  In order to put our shoes on, we have to walk past the front door to our shoe shelving, grab our shoes, walk back around the couch into the living room to put our shoes on, and then walk back out of the living room area around the couch and out the front door.  There is a little space near the shoe hutch, but otherwise there isn't much usable space in the entry area.  We labored for months about what to do for seating in this small area, comparing ottomans and benches until the information spilled out of our ears.  Most nicer ottomans were in the $50 range, but they only seated one person.  Since we're often going somewhere together and put our shoes on at the same time, that didn't seem like a good idea.

Enter ClosetMaid.  We have ClosetMaid cabinets in our bathroom and kitchen for extra storage, and they have been incredibly durable.  They're also very easy to assemble and move once whole.  And the price?  Originally just under $50, we scored a deal with 30%-off.  We were able to pick up a two-pack of the cube bins in black that took our total to just over $50.  (Yay to sales at Fred Meyer!)

But the pad cover that came with our bench was downright ugly.  We're talking tan-that-doesn't-match-tan ugly.  So The Man and I worked for an hour to pick out the perfect fabric that had browns and blacks in it.  Some bozo designed our apartment with both brown and black accents, so it's pretty much impossible to decorate.  We persist nonetheless.  Including the fabric, piping, and some batting to add to the foam pad, we pushed the total cost to about $60.  For two-person seating, that comes out to $30/seat.  Not bad considering what else was available that didn't even have storage.

The two black cubbies have seasonal shoes in them, dance shoes and sandals and such.  The center cube is what we like to call our "stuff in here needs to go somewhere else" bin.  We borrow books from people, or sometimes we buy gifts for people, and that's where those items go so they're not in our way or constantly being shifted from end table to coffee table to counter.  As you can see, we have a book to return to someone.

We are totally in love with our new bench, and we're enjoying not sitting on the floor or walking a half-mile every time we want to put on our shoes.  Also, more storage?  Bonus!

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cm0978 said...

Cute and clever idea! Congratulations on being so crafty.