Friday, September 09, 2011

Coupon Schmoopon

Dear Jo-Ann Fabrics,

Thank you so much for providing customers with 40%-off and 50%-off coupons every week via e-mail.  Thank you for having Android and iPhone apps with extra coupons.  Thank you even more for sending coupons to me in the mail, sometimes with scratch-offs that make me feel like I could win the lottery really soon.  I really do appreciate all of the discounts!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a sense of entitlement to coupons.  I'm not entitled to a discount.  But who do you think you are offering all of these coupons and then expecting me to pay full price for anything when I shop in your stores?  I live less than a mile from the nearest store, so it's not like I can't just wait for the next coupon to come out and make a quick trip or drop by on my way home from work or something.

I was recently in one of your stores, having forgotten my mailed coupon and phone at home, and requested at the checkstand if one of your nice store clerks could just grab the store's copy of your circular and scan the coupon for me.  They have done this dozens of times in the past.  The very slow clerk informed me that "all coupons must be torn up after use."  Excuse me?  As if your computer is going to recognize any one coupon from any other?  I simply handed him my goods, told him "no thanks," and walked out of the store empty-handed.  I'm not paying full price.  I can wait.  I can wait you out, Jo-Ann Fabrics.

While I'm at it, can you please sort out your Android app?  I have no problem accessing all of my coupons at home, getting them all tidy in my "wallet," and then heading to a store where all of my coupons are mysteriously gone.  The second I walk into your store the coupons all disappear.  Isn't that like false advertising?

How about we establish regular customers via special cards that automatically give the cardholder all of your special offers and coupons without needing phones or apps or paper coupons or circulars or any of that other marketing.  Just offer a card.  Simple.  Hey, if Safeway can figure it out, so can you.

Until you sort out your Android app, stock coupons in your stores, or come up with a rewards-type program, I can get my fabric at local fabric shops..  You know, those places that treat customers with respect and trust?  Places that remember who the frequent visitors are and offer discounts regardless of current sales?  Yeah.

I was so excited that you opened a brand new store in my town, but the more I visit, the more I'm disappointed.  Coupons schmoopons, you can do better.

Fed Up with Un-Savings,

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