Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Found MY Foundation

When it comes to make-up, I'm picky.  Like with most things, I tend to buy the same item over and over again if I know I like it, trust it will last, and feel like I'm getting a good deal.  But what about trying something new?  Ugh.

I recently went on a research expedition into the world of foundations.  There are so many options out there, so many colors and finishes and liquid-to-powders and powders-to-liquids.  I was overwhelmed before I even got started.  But with the help of Makeup Alley, Amazon.com reviews, and a few good words from family and friends, I was able to narrow down the criteria for the Perfect Foundation:

- Long wearing.  This is foundation we're talking about, the bedrock of my entire look.  I shouldn't have to touch up my foundation at all during the day.
- Light-to-medium coverage.  I must be one of the only people on earth that doesn't want to cover up every freckle on my face.  I'd look so silly without my freckles!
- Non-greasy or oily.
- Contains SPF10 or higher.
- Inexpensive, like <$15 regular price for an item that must last at least two months of near-daily use.
- Easy to find in my area in person.
- Comes in my skin color, which is to say, "off white" rather than "off tan."
- Good for sensitive skin.  We're talking really sensitive skin.

I found a winner!  Almay Truly Lasting Color liquid make-up.  It contains SPF15, is about $12 in my area, is non-greasy, comes in "ivory" which is my exact skin color between my freckles, is a medium-coverage foundation, doesn't cause break-outs or irritate my skin, and it lasts all day.  We're talking sixteen hours of wearability here, and I usually need no more than twelve.  Plus it's not hard to wash off when I do want it gone.  I usually top off the liquid foundation with a little matching powder for a little extra softness and shine reduction.

You must think I'm crazy for being so excited, but I've never once been able to find a liquid foundation that actually works for me.  We're talking love-at-first-wear here, so it's a big deal.  BIG deal.  I am so excited!

(Okay, the fourteen-year-old in me is so excited!  The grown-up in me mildly enthused... ;)

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