Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ironing Board Re-Do

Let me start by saying that I have a really nice ironing board.  I enjoy using it.  It's a bit cumbersome to get out, set up, and put away, but that's not a big deal most of the time.  What bothers me is the width.  When I'm ironing quilt blocks, the ironing board just isn't wide enough.  It works wonderfully for shirts and large things that I can do in sections, but it just doesn't work for blocks.

Since no other ironing board available is much wider than mine, I had to make my own.  And cheaply, too.

I recently purchased a new double-sided cutting mat.  This acquisition replaced my old, very worn mat.  The 1" line was so faint from being cut on so many times that I frequently didn't use that end of the board.  But I didn't want to throw away such a useful tool, so I held on to the old cutting mat for a few weeks.  After watching a few YouTube videos of other ironing mats from people around the web, I determined I had the perfect core for my new mat.

I covered the old cutting mat in a very tight "pillowcase" of InsulBrite insulated batting.  This batting has a layer of thermally reflective foil in it, and I've used it in potholders with great success before.  It is also very easy to sew and adds just a touch of softness inside the ironing mat.  The outside "pillowcase" is simply a pretty piece of fabric I found in the sale section at the craft store.  I modified the case to include a little piece that folds over and inside the outer case so that everything is neatly tucked inside with no batting showing.
Total cost (not including the original price of the cutting mat since it's recycled) was about $6.  Total headaches reduced by having a 18"x24" ironing mat?  Infinite!

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