Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor, Labor, Craft!

What can I say?  I crafted mercilessly this weekend.  Three glorious days of little else but stitching, cutting, ripping, and fray-checking.  Not one of my projects came out exactly as I had envisioned, yet each of them was a unique learning experience.

Saturday saw a very expensive (but still under $100) trip to the craft store to take advantage of Labor Day Weekend sales.  Who knew batting and diaper cloth were only worth $0.90/yard?  Oh, and diaper cloth?  Not for diapers.  You can forget about me making those for quite some time.  We also ventured over to Freddies for a screaming deal on a much-waited-for seating thingy near our front door.  Because sitting on the floor every time I want to tie my shoes? Yeah, that got old around day two.

The pretty little seat for the front entry area came with a hideous foam pad that The Man and I labored to pick out the perfect fabric for for at least an hour.  The sinfully ugly off-tan cover was replaced by Sunday with a very bold brown-black fabric that adds just the right amount of "pop" behind the couch.  We still need some batting for the foamy thing since--and I didn't even know this was possible--the foam is actually rock-hard.  It's like freeze-dried foam.  Crispety-crunchety-hardness.  Ick.  But we're not willing to shell out for memory foam, so batting it is!

I got the diaper cloth and some light blue gingham flannel to make my own lightweight towels.  I get tired of using terry cloth for everything, not to mention it is somewhat linty.  The diaper cloth (or birdseye cloth to some) is way soft and ultra absorbent.  These will also make excellent all-purpose kitchen cloths.  Since I am not sure how much I actually will use them, I didn't spend very much money on the fabric.  It's an experimental project in progress.

AAAAAANNNND!  The red duck cloth got repurposed from our first-aid kits into lunch sacks!  After fighting with insulated batting, plastic lining, and two layers of the duck cloth, I gave up.  The whole design got reworked into a single layer of duck with reinforced seams.  Y seams.  That I finally learned how to do correctly.  I attached a buckle and will give my new lunch sack a test-run tomorrow.

Oh, and The Man bought me a plant.  I am now the proud owner of two plants.  Plant Deux was the Zygo cactus (Christmas cactus) if you remember, and Plant Trois is also a succulent.  I opted for a Kalanchoe ("collin-co-wee" or "cal-an-cho" depending on your preference) this time, a pinky-red flowering tropical succulent that I'm housing in my office since I have better lighting there.  We'll see how long it takes to die (because I? am an optimist.  Can't you tell? ha!).  [I need more parenthesis in that paragraph.]

I took the night off last night from crafting to go make tacos for my parents.  We needed to get out of the house a bit, and I needed a break.  Monday was far less exciting and included a lazy late afternoon and very lazy evening.  So lazy, in fact, that I didn't even make dinner.  We snagged some frosties and french fries from Wendy's before settling in for a night of screen time.

And yes, I did drag my french fries through my frosty.  Because the best dipping sauce for hot, salty fries is not ketchup: it's an icy, sweet, vanilla milkshake.  Don't argue with me.  That's just the way it is.

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Jules said...

YES! Thank you for your last sentences! I always always would drag my fries through the milkshake. There is no better way to eat them. My husband however thinks it is very gross. and I think he has brainwashed the children to think that way too. I'll need to work on them, which means I'll need to go get some milkshakes...