Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paint Chips in a Frame

Pretty neat, huh?  It's a grid of paint chips.  I "painted" with paint chips.  I actually made art that I would pay money for in the store for free.  And we all know how "free is the best price" right?  Right.

I got the idea from Pinterest and lots of other sites where paint chip art is all the rage.  Though I tend not to be an "all the rage" crafter, I did know that I had art issues in my bathroom and a very small budget with which to solve those problems.  Paint chips seemed like a cheap way to fail--that is, if I was going to fail.

The project started with a trip to Home Depot.  I'm not advocating Home Depot over any other stores, nor do I particularly suggest they have better paint chips than anyone else.  Their store is geographically closest to me, so that's where I went.  My sister joined me, and she helped me pick out a few colors from the Behr Premium Plus display (since they have huge single-color chips!).  For the record, these were the colors I chose:

Echo, UL250-3D
Darkest Grape, UL250-21D
Heather Plume, UL250-7M
Tibetan Temple, UL250-2D
Café Olé, UL130-19M
Coconut Shell, UL140-5D
Chocolate Swirl, UL140-3D
Berry Wine, UL100-23D
Sweet Molasses, UL130-23D

I also picked up a piece of white poster board from the craft store (oooh, $0.59 expense!) and two Command hooks to hang the frame that I already had.  I think I spent about $6 on two extra large picture frame hooks.  That takes our grand total for this project to a whopping $6.59.  For art.  Pretty art.  That matches my bathroom curtain perfectly.  Jaggy 1, budget 0.  :)

I cut the paint chips into 1" squares with a paper trimmer.  Then I figured out how big to make my grid based on the frame and the spacing I wanted between my chips.  I have 11 columns and 14 rows of the chips with 1/4" spacing.  That fit exactly into my 16"x20" frame with about a 1.25" border.  Yay for the math ending up super easy.  The pattern of paint chips is completely random.

I think the art ads a great modern touch to my bathroom.  The shower curtain has silver and brown leaves on it, plus the brown and black counter top adds its mis-match-ed-ness.  We have a sort of brown-black nightmare going on everywhere.  Even the flowers beside the picture are both white and off-white.  Seems I can't win with apartment decorating.

But the paint chip painting?  It's pretty awesome.

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