Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seattle Redux

The Man and I left last Wednesday to go to Seattle, Washington, on a business trip.  His company sent him to the Bothell offices to meet and greet the other employees up there and have some training sessions or something, and since I didn't add any cost to the trip for them, I got to go too.

We skedaddled out of Corvallis by 9:15am and were in Seattle traffic by 2:00pm.  We stopped a couple times on the way to stretch our legs (Wilsonville, Chehalis, Olympia) and eat lunch.  After missing an exit, we had an adventure through Seattle and Ballard to get to the Ballard Locks (Chittenden Park, two names for the same thing).

The picture above is from the big boat we got to watch travel through the locks.  It was really neat seeing how everything works, watching the boats go up and down through the gates, and watching the fish swim up/down the fish ladder.  We didn't have time to get this far north on our honeymoon two years ago, so it was nice to check this one off my list.  Cool park, scary streets with awful traffic nearby, and the occasional exciting bum. Seattle has much less exciting and outlandish bums than Portland (lookin' at you Burnside...), but that sorta makes them more scary to me.

We hopped over to Bothell and waited around for a few hours before meeting up with The Man's coworkers for dinner at Bonefish.  His clam linguini was less than stellar, but my steelhead and au gratin potatoes were quite good.  They had some "Bang Bang Shrimp" appetizer which was perfectly spicy, and we all tried a bacon-wrapped scallop that was perfectly cooked.  I can see why people like scallops, but they're not really my thing.  The bacon was good though--apparently I like seafoody bacon.

Thursday was rather quiet for me.  The Man went to his meetings, and I went shopping/browsing at Bothell's Country Village.  The stores are sort of a mini-mall overrun by ducks and roosters and other game birds.  The little stationery store was delightful, and I could have moved right into the fabric store there for life.  The toy store was pretty good.  Otherwise... no need to return.

I grabbed lunch by myself, then The Man called to see if I would drive the group to a restaurant for lunch, so I sat while they ate.  I had to take them all back to work, which was fine, but then I sort of had to kill an afternoon somehow until they all got done working.  The Sims only held my attention for about fifteen minutes.  I set out to do some clothes shopping.

Not too far north of Ballard is the Alderwood Mall.  I must say, we're talking Washington Square caliber, not some crappy Heritage Mall, Albany, Oregon, mall.  Coach store.  Nordstrom.  Yeah.  Swanky.  They also had the usual suspects, so that made me happy.  I stuck to J.C. Penney for my first trip to the mall.  Yes, first trip.  Because within the next 48 hours, I made four trips to the mall.

I know how bad that sounds, believe me.  I am not a mall rat.  I really do dislike shopping.  I don't enjoy crowds.  And I'm such a deal-waiter that I never want to spend money on myself.  "It'll go on sale, I can wait."  "Well, I can get this cheaper somewhere else."  "Maybe I can make this..."

In four trips, I scored.  I got professionally fitted for my bra size and bought two bras that actually fit and look beautiful and are comfortable.  I won't even mention the price, but they fit, and that's everything for me.  I also snagged two jackets for $15 each, some Worthington dress pants and a beautiful Worthington dressy shirt for $40 together, some Clarks shoes that are actually too narrow, which is jaw-on-the-floor amazing.  The right shoe is perfect, but I'm going to take the left one down to the shoe guy  in town and have him stretch it just a tad.  I'm tellin' ya, the Clarks sales guy needs to become my personal shopper, he was that good.

We had dinner out in Kirkland one night at a Mexican restaurant where we ate our first fry bread.  The Man and I determined we are not allowed to eat that anymore since we have absolutely zero self-control around it.  SO delicious!

Our last night in Bothell was definitely the best.  We were able to ditch the big group and have dinner together, just the two of us.  We chose a local Italian place called "Gratzi."  Between our appetizer, entrees, a glass of wine for The Man, my pop, and our shared cheesecake dinner, plus tax and tip, it was a cool $75.  The appetizer and bread courses were amazing, and my lasagna was delicious.  But the cheesecake, oh the cheesecake... New York Style with a pecan crust, chocolate topping, and served in caramel.  Best cheesecake I've ever had.  Thanks to The Man's company for picking up the bulk of that check, too!

We left Bothell on Saturday morning and were in Oregon by 1:30pm.  I must say, crossing the Columbia back into Oregon never fails to make me happy.  Something about the greenness, the better tasting tap water, the lack of sales tax... it's always good to be home.

Well, not quite home.  We stopped at the Columbia Sportswear outlet at Woodburn where The Man scored some beautiful fleece pullovers, and we both found medium-weight softshell jackets in black and a little OSU orange.  Licensed OSU stuff.  Columbia stuff.  Over half-off.  Yeah, we bought them.  We didn't let them out of our sight, out of our hands, not even at the checkstand where the store guy was casually sporting the bad colors.  Harassing did ensue.  Let's just say we love our Beavers more than he loves his 'Ucks.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  I collapsed into my own very wonderful bed a little early last night, sleeping well past 9:00am this morning.  It was so nice to get out and see new things and try new food, but dammit, it feels good to sink my toes into non-scary carpet.

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