Monday, October 31, 2011

Burning the Pavement North and South

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  It seems like I never have time to post on those days anymore.  This weekend was no exception.  We were busy.  Next weekend?  Same story.  Weekend after that?  Oh please let it be boring!

I can't complain.  Friday was busy since The Man's parents came down and went out to dinner with us.  Then, later, at home, I was busy playing with computers and watching old Wings episodes on Netflix (Tim Daly = awesome!).

Saturday was slightly more relaxed.  We got up and ran some errands.  We gassed up one car, took a load to Goodwill, purchased more SodaStream flavors, and had lunch with my parents.  In the afternoon, I made five dozen sugar cookies and frosted them.  Then I made dinner.  Between computers and another movie that I didn't start until 10:00pm, I was up very, very late.

Sunday morning arrived entirely too early.  The Man and I dragged ourselves (each other?) from a warm bed only to drive two hours to the outskirts of Banks, Oregon, for a family Halloween party.  We carved pumpkins and gourds, had too much awesome food, rolled pumpkins down a hill (that's way more fun than it sounds!), and spent a great afternoon with his extended family.  Thankfully we only got rained on when we were driving.  Also, yay for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes on our way home (blueberry muffins, how I love thee!).

We didn't get home on Sunday until after 8:00pm, so that was pretty much when we both fell over exhausted.

It was a good weekend.

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