Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Me Outta Here

Sorry there isn't much new to report tonight.  I've been terribly busy taking some classes about how to buy a house, making dozens of tortillas, trying to keep our apartment clean, and doing that whole 'going to work' thing.  Quilting? Ha.  I've managed to pin about a dozen pieces of fabric together in two weeks.  Not one stitch, or at least not one stitch that I won't have to remove (again) later.

Seriously, my only free time has been spent watching a single episode of Man, Woman, Wild or Wings on Netflix before I go to sleep at night, usually far later than I should be going to sleep.  The darker mornings are making getting out of bed tough enough, and adding to it by staying up late reading or TV-ing isn't helping.  Though I am quite thankful the mornings are darker now.  Having that damn sun-ball right outside my window at o'-dark-thirty was thrilling for four months.

In case you missed it by the whole "our apartment manager sucks" theme in the last few weeks, the fact that we're taking classes about how to buy a house, or that I'm sick and tired of dinky kitchens, we're finally, finally, finally getting started on the path to home-ownership.

Now if only we could afford a house in this overpriced three-horse village.


cm0978 said...

Three-horse village? Who has the other one?

MissKris said...

Too bad there aren't any jobs back here. Houses are dirt-cheap. A 2200-sq.-ft. house down the street just sold for $115,000. Completely updated, new appliances included, new furnace/AC/roof. Pool in the back yard. Detached double garage. Big lot. And I can attest to what a good neighborhood it is. It is SO SAD to see houses up for sale everywhere. And foreclosures? Oh my. Good luck to you and The Man, tho. There's nothing like having a place of your own. But make sure you take a day/evening to scope out the neighborhood before you purchase...driving by just isn't enough to let you know if Junior a couple houses away blares out Black Sabbath at 10 at nite, haha. Don't want to end up in the same kind of situation apartment dwelling can give you.