Monday, October 24, 2011

In Which My Little Sis Turns 25

I have to admit, for once, I'm glad the weekend is over.  The Man and I spent far too much time in a car for our liking, twice more for him than me.  On Saturday, we drove up to the Widmer brewery for my sister's birthday.  We took a tour, got to taste some beer, and then had lunch at their restaurant.  The drive wasn't so bad going up except for that one spot where some new driver tried to push us off the I-5-over-the-Willamette-River bridge in Portland.  If looks and thoughts could kill, that driver would have been instantly vaporized.  I have enough trouble going over normal bridges: I don't need psychos trying to send me to the watery depths on the big, scary bridges!

It felt kind of weird going on a brewery tour since I'm a non-drinker.  Thankfully Dad was with me and could be a non-beer-drinker with me.  I always find it awkward being the only tee-totaler in a group, so it was nice to have someone else "on my side."  For the record, I'm a non-drinker because I simply don't enjoy the taste of alcohol.  It's not a principle thing or a health thing or an attitude, I just don't like it.  Like tomatoes or oranges or mustard.  Eew.  Plus The Man always has someone to drive him home when I don't drink.

Lunch at the Widmer Gasthaus was delicious!  I had a chicken pot pie that was amazing and some root beer to wash down the sausage sampler appetizer which meaty perfection.  Pretty sure I could live a long, happy life on German food.  Spaetzle and schnitzel and sausage are comfort food to me.

We also made a stop at Bob's Red Mill where we picked up some granola, a shortbread cookie mix, and a buttermilk biscuit mix.  I'm also excited to try the sweet rice that The Man found.  Each time we visit we pick out new foods we haven't had from there before.  My favorite is still the Gluten Free Pancake Mix, though I have to give them a hand for their Gluten Free Brownie Mix.  The brownies are to die for.  In the last six months, I've been able to add small amounts of wheat flour back into my diet without many problems, so we eat less specialty G-F food and more homemade or semi-prepared food from the store.  Wheat no longer turns my tummy into knots of pain, but it'll give me gas the likes of which a swamp hasn't seen, so it's just a matter of how much I want to deal with it the following day.  Happy thoughts!

We went back to my parents' house to have a small fiesta with family before cake and ice cream and presents for my sister.  Mom had a very special cake made for her with Hello Kitty on it.  The cake tasted incredible with probably some of the best frosting on earth (non-greasy buttercream is my fave!).  The Man and I had to pop out and get home at a decent hour so we could get up on Sunday and start a whole new adventure.

Well, mostly his adventure.  I got left to my own devices.  We'll see how that story turns out next time...

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