Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yay for Cooking Classes

My mom and I got together a couple times this month to take some cooking classes from a local chef.  We learned how to make homemade flour tortillas and Spanish rice.  The tortillas are simple in that they take very few ingredients, but they're a laborious process.  I've made about six dozen tortillas in the last two weeks, and after much practice, I can do them in about two minutes each.  Since I always do at least three dozen, that's a solid hour of rolling, rolling, rolling stiff dough.  My arms and back ache afterward.  The result is totally worth it though!

I poach chicken breasts ten or twelve at a time, shred or chop them up, and freeze dinner-sized portions so I can just reach in and pull out chicken when I need it.  Thawing only takes a few minutes in the microwave, and then I season the chicken with whatever spices I want for each meal.

The Spanish rice doesn't take much longer than plain rice to cook, about 30 minutes total, so I generally cook rice whenever we're going to eat it, but I sometimes make a double batch and freeze half of the rice.

All of that prep means that I get to have fresh tacos, fajitas, and taquitos in less than twenty minutes tonight.  Ten for the oven to heat up, ten to bake the taquitos, and poof! dinner's on.

I could live on tacos and rice and be a very happy person.  Now I just have to convince The Man that the tortillas are good with things in them (and not just plain or with cheese).

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Jules said...

drooling at the thought of fresh tortillas. I tried it overseas with someone who knew what they were doing - beautiful; but trying to replicate it at home on my own - disaster.