Monday, November 07, 2011

Blog Year Retrospective #6

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Six years and counting.  I'll be the first to admit that my posts aren't as frequent as they used to be.  In my own defense, however, I've progressed from single lady on the town to married, very busy, and not at my computer as often in the evenings.

Just one year ago I finished my first queen-sized quilt.  Yeah.  I've officially been a "quilter" now for a little over a year.  Still loving it!

In December I bought Plant Deux.  Though I thought he was a goner just after Christmas, Planty is still kicking. I don't expect any blooms this year, but we'll see.  He is green and shiny and looks pretty good for having been watered, oh, about six times in the last year.  Whoever said a Christmas Cactus is for non-green-thumbs was absolutely correct.

January was very exciting.  The Man and I both received new job offers within a day of each other.  I transitioned into a new office that month, and he moved from a part-time job to his first full-time position (which he hated within days).  Thankfully, he was able to find another position in August that seems to fit him much, much better.  We are both thrilled with his new job.  I also went gluten-free around the first of the year in the hopes of figuring out why my guts were in rebellion constantly.  Only this past summer did I reintroduce gluten with some success.  I'm thinking getting out of a bad situation at work and ending some stresses in my life also contributed to feeling better.

With new jobs came new money.  The Man and I are so very thankful to finally be living on two full-time incomes.  We were able to upgrade our old college furniture to new couches, buy a much-wanted digital piano, get a new sewing machine, acquire phones that actually do things other than make calls, and upgrade two computers this year.  We also stuck a chunk or two away into savings toward an eventual downpayment on a house.

We did some exciting things, too!  I finished my first hand-quilted quilt in April, joined Twitter, and got stuck with a newly crowned tooth this summer.  I tackled my first real home repair job when I recaulked the bathroom--rather than fighting with our apartment maintenance again.  We bought a SodaStream and love it!  The Man had an exciting birthday outing in Portland.  We took a few days of work/pleasure in Seattle.  We took a few classes about how to buy a house.  I took some cooking classes.  And we celebrated our second anniversary as a married couple.  Oh, and this last weekend we traveled to Boise, Idaho, by car, over and back in under three days.

We also didn't do some things this year.  I missed out on making homemade strawberry jam and canning applesauce.  We didn't get to see friends as often as we'd like since many of them have moved away.  We didn't kill the upstairs neighbors and their annoying stompy children (good thing they moved out before our plan could be hatched). I didn't get as much quilting done as I would have liked.  We didn't get as many books read together as we should have.  I didn't take my camera out half as often as I ought to've.  I'm not sure if we went dancing even once this year.  Just put those things on the list for next year...

But we discovered new places, made or renewed a few friendships, learned to do a few new things, practiced compromising, and loved and were loved a whole lot.  Not really sure we can ask for much more. Here's to another year on the blog, another 365 days of life recorded for all to see.  Happy 6th Blogiversary.

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