Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I finally did it.  I bought a laptop.  After ten years with two desktops, I opted for a laptop.  That's not bad, I figure, at five years per system.  I made a Vista (nightmare) machine go four years and counting, and that was two too many.

The Man has had laptops as long as I've known him, and he upgraded last year to a fantastic gaming laptop that made me a little... well, okay, I was totally jealous.  Always tied to my desk, always having to sit in one place to do things, always fighting the same stupid problems...

I wavered for months about which laptop I'd get, which operating system I wanted, and how much I was willing to pay.  Is it better to spend a lot and get a great laptop that will be awesome three years from now, or should I get the cheapest laptop I can find and continuously upgrade?  Wavering.

The Man is a bargain hunter (it runs in his family, and we're not talking just a little bit), so he was on the lookout for great laptops at great prices.  My mom also did a ton of research before she purchased her new computer last month.  And, naturally, I talked to my geek friends about which computers are best right now.  It was not a short process of elimination.

My biggest hurdle was getting a laptop with nothing on it.  I wanted it to arrive on my doorstep completely unusable, void of any software, no operating system, nothing.  I wanted a very expensive brick.  The reason?  So that nobody else could install all the junk computers typically have pre-installed.  The only programs I want on my computer are the programs I put on there.  It's my lappy, I'll do what I want with it!

Thankfully the very awesome people at Powernotebooks.com are willing to sell systems without software.  YAY!  They even shipped the lappy to my workplace so that I wouldn't have to wait until the weekend to pick it up from our stupid apartment complex that doesn't stay open past 5pm.  Double yay!

I got the Sager NP5160 with a few customizations.  I had to get the matte screen, a better processor, and more hard drive space.  It's a sweet configuration, so incredible that my super computer-savvy brother-in-law bought the same laptop.  Well, he bought his own.  And he may have some different upgrades.  But he's in the computer field by both education and trade, so his opinion is pretty important to me when it comes to computers.

Oh, and no more Vista.  I purchased Windows 7 and installed it myself.  My headache machine is gone!  Until you've had to deal with Vista, you will never know what horrors I've suffered.  I won't exactly be mourning any losses.  Happy dance!


MissKris said...

Have fun! And I too hate Vista. With a passion.

Katrina said...

I may be the only person in the world who has never had any problem with Vista, and my laptop has been going strong for four years now. Maybe I just got lucky.

Congrats on your new lappy!