Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No More Turkey

Thanksgiving was awesome.  I spent time with family every day over the four-day weekend, acquired the bulk of my next project, spent lots of time in the kitchen, and shopped just the right amount.

But if I have to look at another turkey between now and next November, it will be too much to handle.

Wednesday night saw Mom meeting me at an undisclosed location to transfer The Turkey.  I used caps there to indicate this bird as the "official" bird used for the Thanksgiving dinner.  You know, as opposed to any ol' turkey I might be cooking in late November.  Dad got a turkey from his employer, and Mom had the fridge space to thaw it out, so she did that.  In the doling out of cooking duties, I got the bird, so she had to meet me somewhere to give it to me.  I also requested her roasting pan (which was a ton easier than last year's turkey-on-a-cookie-sheet debacle).  The turkey sat in my fridge overnight, jammed between the SodaStream bottles, milk, and leftover pizza.

On Thursday, I got up early and stuck The Turkey into a turkey bag, squeezed it into the roasting pan, and cooked it.  I cooked it and cooked it.  Nineteen pounds of bird took three hours in my little oven.  I watched TV and lazed while it baked.  At 12:00pm, I slid the hot, juicy turkey out of the pan and onto a cutting board--after letting it rest a few minutes, you know, like they do on those food shows.  I washed the roasting pan before setting both legs, both wings, the neck (for Grandma--she likes it), and the majority of both breasts back into the pan for transport back to Mom's kitchen.  I had to work very, very fast to keep the meat as hot as possible during the half-hour drive.  All of the drippings went into mason jars with lids to keep them hot and liquidy during the trip so that we would have fresh gravy.  It was quite an ordeal.

And just for the record, aside from the fact that my mother measured out the butter and flour to make the rue and poured the drippings into the pan (tasks of which I'm absolutely capable), I made the gravy.  Technically I just stirred since Mom did the whole 'applying to pan' bit.  But it was really the stirring that made the difference.   And it was awesome.  The Turkey was fantastic, perfectly cooked, juicy and hot still an hour later.  The entire dinner was amazing.

Black Friday anyone?  The Man and I got up around 7:00am to get to Fred Meyer for socks.  We also got new sheets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Their Palais Royale flannel sheets are perfect.  That was pretty much the extent of our shopping.  We were home by 9:00am and were rather lazy until the afternoon.  Mom and Dad went with me to the Philomath quilt store where we picked out lots and lots of fabric so I can make them a king-sized quilt.  No details yet, just big.  It's going to be massive.  If I've counted correctly, we're looking down the pipe at over 3,000 pieces.  Ouch.

Saturday included a trip to The Man's parents' house where we played games, went to Mass, and then out to dinner.  It was a nice, quiet day sitting by their fireplace.

Sunday saw the other half of my turkey saga.  My sister's husband received a turkey from his employer, and my sister isn't so hot on handling poultry (any meat?).  I offered to help her wrangle it from her fridge to the oven, and she offered me the bulk of the meat in exchange.  Whoo, free turkey!  The twenty-two-pounder put up quite a fight, but we got it stuffed into the roasting pan and into the oven pretty early Sunday morning. We crafted, talked, and cut fabric while the turkey (lowercase) baked.  Three-and-a-half hours later, we judged it to be done.  It was a beast to cut up, portion into freezer bags, and dispose of, but we made it.  I'm so done with turkey this year.

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