Friday, November 11, 2011

We Watched, We Laughed, We Learned

The Man and I have been very fortunate this week to have watched some fantastic stories.  On Wednesday night, we were in need of some comedy.  We enjoy comedians, but I think we're both pretty picky as to what we consider "good" comedy.  I don't like a ton of swearing, crass jokes, or potty humor, but there's a time and a place for a good fart joke.  The Man isn't big on dry humor or English comedy.  We lucked out when we chose to watch Adam Ferrara's comedy on Netflix.  It was hilarious.  I had tears running down my face, neck, and hands as I desperately tried to catch my breath from laughing so hard.  We were both in a great mood afterward, and my tummy muscles felt the workout a little the next day.

Tonight was a very different show.  We got In the Shadow of the Moon on disc from Netflix.  The documentary follows the Apollo space missions as they set out to put Man on the moon.  The Man and I, both born well after these lunar landing missions, have only been able to experience the overwhelming unity the world felt as these courageous men attempted to walk on a different space rock.  Yes, Americans were the first to get there, but I think the whole world was American in that moment.  There was hope.  There was so much of it.  The Man and I both agreed that never in human history have all humans been so united in one mission, one hope, and that we likely never will again do so.  The thought is both powerful and disappointing.

Two very unique experiences in one week.  We are thankful.

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