Wednesday, December 07, 2011

10 Quick Cricut Lessons

I've had my Cricut for a few days now and the opportunity to sit down and make a full project.  I've learned a lot in a very short time that I'm not sure I've seen explained elsewhere.

1) New mats are sticky.  If you put a sheet of construction-type paper on a new mat, be prepared that you will never get the whole sheet of paper back off the mat.

2) Don't use construction paper with a Cricut.  Not worth the hassle.  Cardstock weight is much, much easier to work with, lifts off better, and doesn't leave as much paper fuzz behind.

3) If your item is less than a full sheet of paper, cut out a piece of paper a little larger than what you expect to use.  Sticking down a whole sheet of paper just to cut out a half-inch circle is crazy.

4) The little lift-off tool that can be purchased separately from the machine isn't really worth it if you have an x-acto knife or two.

5) Picking up tiny little pieces is a pain in the butt, especially if they're stuck to the mat.

6) Measure your project first and decide how big to make your pieces, then cut them out.  I had three different "Berry Sweets" (Simply Charmed cartridge) before I realized none of them would fit in a card envelope.

7) Pop-up dots are amazing!

8) Black paper is awesome for shadows of darker papers, but using grey or other neutral colors as the shadow looks really good for white backgrounds.  Don't always stick to black shadows.

9) Take the time to clean up edges where any tape-adhesive hangs over an opening as it will be shiny and obvious on the front of the card or in a scrapbook page.

10) Hours can pass quickly if you get lost with a new cartridge.  I swear I had just finished eat dinner and it was already time for bed.  Not cool, but I did learn a lot.

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globetrotter said...

Hello there. :) I randomly googled blog surveys and your site came up...which I am glad I found! I love reading it. :) I was thinking of doing the 50 random question survey that you posted a little while ago.
Either way - just want to say that I love reading your blog and look forward to more posts. :)