Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was a very typical holiday for The Man and me this year.  We celebrated with my extended family a couple weekends ago, so that left my little family, his little family, and his extended family for the holiday weekend.

With gifts in tow, we sleighed over to my parents' house on Christmas Eve to celebrate with them and my sister and her hubby.  We decided to forego the traditional foodstuffs and dined on tacos and Spanish rice instead.  My uncle commented that it seems Mom and I pretty much only eat "Mexican" food when we get together, and he's pretty accurate.  Mom and I could live on tacos, taquitos, enchiladas, and salads.  What's not to love? Chicken, cheese, lots of veggies, fresh salsa in the summer (even if I do hate raw tomatoes!)... mmmmm.  After lots of eating, we settled in for a gift exchange that netted everyone very good gifts.

The six of us then played the new game Sour Apples.  It's just like Apples to Apples but with a winner and a loser selected, and the loser of each hand faces a random consequence.  The game is only available at Target, and we played for hours and hours.  Lots of fun.  The Man and I finally dragged ourselves home by 11:00pm and didn't get to sleep until almost 1:00am.

At the entirely-too-early hour of 7:00am, we were up and getting ready to drive to The Man's parents' house.  Attitudes weren't exactly pleasant, but we made it there in one piece.  We exchanged gifts and enjoyed some time together before getting the house and food ready for The Man's big family gathering that started around 11:00am.  Everyone seemed to arrive at once, so the house quickly swelled to capacity.  Once everyone arrived, we had a large traditional Christmas dinner, entirely too many wonderful desserts, and a white elephant gift exchange.  The Man and I stuck around after everyone left in the early evening, and we didn't get home until 8:00pm.  It was a very long, very good day.

Monday was also good.  We were able to do some post-Christmas shopping with gift cards, and I got a bunch of groceries to finish out this month under budget in that category.  I cut more fabric for my parents' quilt, organized a bit, cleaned some, and watched a couple movies to boot.  Busy busy, but progress was made.

I don't think I'll be hungry for days after this weekend.  Also, I need more free time in which to play the piano, create with my Cricut, have a moment to quilt, and keep up on bloggy... so much to do! and so very little time.

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