Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Came Early

Some people define Christmas as a single day of the year, December 25th.  Some people think of Christmas as the day they open presents or eat a traditional meal.  Some people celebrate Christmas the day before or the day after the 25th.  Christmas, for me, happens when my mom's family all gets together a weekend or two before the actual holiday.  This year's festivities happened on Saturday.

What is Christmas?  For me, it's people.  Christmas is a too-warm house with too much food eaten by lots and lots of people.  My mom and dad, mom's siblings and their spouses, all of my cousins, and even some of their kids (since we are all old enough for that now) gather at Grandma's.  Gifts are sometimes exchanged as we did this year in a white elephant pile.  My cousins and I used to draw names, but we stopped when we were all giving each other gift cards and the oldest few stopped participating.

Our food isn't traditional with a goose or ham, though sometimes we have ham.  It is usually a hodge-podge of family recipes, some new food adventures, and the requisite mound of sugar cookies.  I made some baked taquitos this year which all disappeared quickly.  I'll have to get on another batch of homemade tortillas soon since I have none left in my freezer now.

I feel like Christmas has already happened.  What I need for my holiday to be complete is done.  I'm thankful for that.  Of course I'd still like to spend more time with all of these people, but perhaps more individually than in such chaos as the dining room.  And I'm thankful I have more Christmas to go.

Four more Christmases to go.  My little family, The Man's little family, The Man's big family, and a very small one with just the two of us.  I am skipping the work one.  I have to draw the line somewhere...

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