Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Cyber Monday Exploits

We had been researching TVs for months and narrowed down the field to three or four TVs that we really wanted.  Obviously we don't need a TV, so this was truly a want.  Our living room TV was fine, though small and not full-HD, but the bedroom TV was one of those old boxy, heavy, ugly, outdated things that just didn't cooperate all the time anymore.  We decided to get a new one for the living room and put the old (lighter, thinner, prettier) TV in the bedroom.

Must-haves included 1080p HD capability, at least two HDMI ports, a computer-to-TV connection, and the ability to have more than one game console attached at a time.  We have both an X-Box 360 and a Wii, and swapping connections was not high on our list of fun things to do every evening.

After checking out every store in our rinkydink town on Black Friday, we started looking online.  Online shopping poses a small challenge for us since whatever we order online has to be delivered to us.  We can have things delivered at our apartment complex office, but they are only open until 5:00pm, so retrieving our purchases always has to wait until the weekend (booooo).  Or we can have purchases shipped to work, and that has always worked well for me, but having a brand-new TV shipped to work poses a how-the-heck-do-I-move-this-thing-to-my-car problem.  Yuck.

Newegg, Dell, and Best Buy were all very competitive on prices, but we ended up going with Best Buy so that we could pick the TV up at a store at our convenience.  I paid for the TV online, and we drove down Monday night to pick it up.  Except for the fact that the lady waiting on pick-up customers was scary, the guy manning the counter by the front door needed to lay off the java pronto, and that we lost two hours driving down and back, it was a very nice trip.

We saved about $200 thanks to sales.  Not bad!

...And then I promptly sank that $200 into a Cricut.  I'm doomed, but in a very happy kind of way.

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