Monday, December 05, 2011

The Un-Cricut Weekend

Was that a weekend that just few by?  I must have missed it with all I did this weekend.

Friday was a treat as my Cricut arrived.  I purchased a Cricut Expression cutting machine on Amazon on Cyber Monday for half-off.  It came with two cartridges, plus I ordered one on Amazon and bought one at a craft store later.  I also got some paper this weekend, so I'm set to cut, cut, cut!

Saturday was filled with shopping, errands, and my parents came over, so we were busy the entire day.  The Man wiped and reinstalled their old computer's software, so they took us to dinner as a thank-you.  The last updates finished around 11:00pm.  We pretty much went straight to bed.

Sunday was painful.  Sometime, probably Friday night, I must have pinched a nerve in my shoulder or slept on it wrong or something, but it was almost unbearable by Sunday morning.  I took an Aleve before we left for church, and then, after grocery shopping and snuggling in for a movie with The Man, I tried to nap the pain away.  By the afternoon, things were much better.  I could lift my arm enough to shower and fold some clothes.

Between my full day Saturday and a lazy day on the couch Sunday, I haven't hardly had time to play with the Cricut.  That's my plan for tonight.  So excited!

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Tippy said...

I have wanted to get a Cricut for a while now. Let me know how you like it! I might have to add it to my tax return gift list!