Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Applesauce To Go

I'm not a fruit person.  I'll be starving, literally, before I ever eat an orange.  However, I do love apples, watermelon, and kiwi fruit, and I generally enjoy bananas, strawberries, and grapes.  That's it.  That's the whole list of fruits I eat.  No citrusy crap, no other melons, definitely no papayas or mangoes.  The thought of peaches  or tomatoes makes me gag.  And after suffering through bottle upon bottle of cherry cough syrup, the idea of eating a cherry is more than I can handle.  I am not a fruit person.

That said, I'm a connoisseur of applesauce.  We're talking Grade A sauce lover with almost thirty years of experience in the applesauce eating arena.  I'm familiar with soupy, runny, gooey apples.  And I'm very, very picky about what I like.  My most-favorite-of-all-time applesauce is homemade from Gravenstein apples.  No sugar added, just plain apples cooked down, run through the old colander, and canned.  It's super creamy smooth, not a fleck of peel in sight, and perfectly golden yellow.  Also?  It's a ton of work!

My second choice for applesauce is the off-brand single-serving packs at the grocery store.  These tend to be a little bit smoother than the kind that goes into the fridge-size jars or cans.  I could go for larger portions than the single-serving packs, but the convenience is nice.  Not a huge fan of all of the additives that go into commercial applesauce.  It should just be apples, but I will allow some sort of acid to prevent browning.  There is no need for water, vitamin C additives, or anything else, especially sugar.  Leave it alone.

On a recent outing to the grocery store, The Man and I found these little squeezable applesauce packets (though in a different brand).  They're single-serving containers of applesauce with just apples and an anti-browning acid, and they're super-infinity-duper creamy.  I hate to say they're almost like baby food, but the applesauce really is that creamy.  It tastes really good!  No added junk, no chunky chunks, a great size for an afternoon snack, and very easy to grab and toss into the lunch box.  They're a little spendy at over $0.50 each, especially considering how much cheaper it is to make it and take a reusable container, but the convenience is so nice.  Did I mention they taste great?  At one full serving of fruit each, I don't exactly feel guilty.  There are lots of flavors, too.  I prefer plain applesauce or with cinnamon, but the strawberry applesauce isn't bad.  I still have to try other flavors.  The caps are resealable if needed, probably for little kids since I don't have a problem gulping mine in ten seconds.  And the containers are recyclable.  It's not quite as good as homemade, but it's definitely easier and faster to pack.

And these won't ruin Mom's new glass cooktop during canning season like last year.

Mom still hasn't quite gotten over that. ;)


cm0978 said...

That's funny because applesauce is one of the fruit products I WILL NOT EAT. Probably because when I was young and couldn't swallow pills, mom would smash up the aspirin and put it into applesauce. YUCK -- you can have my portion! I didn't realize you can buy food on Amazon!

GoGo squeez said...

Thanks for trying us out!