Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Five Day Staycation

I haven't had a week off from blogging... ever!  Sorry it has taken me a while to sit down and post again, but I was super busy this last week being on vacation and all.  You heard me, I took some time off.  Like, really off.  I didn't even travel.  A stay-cation it was, and it was perfect.

Between a furlough day, a special day of leave, and the New Year holiday, I had a five-day weekend.  Though we did go to my parents' for New Year's Eve, we didn't really get out of the house much for the rest of the time.  I had Thursday home alone, several blissful hours of quiet.  The Man had Friday and Monday off with me, so we were together for four days.  It all amounted to a lot of time.

You know how you get really busy and never feel like you get any of that oh-so-precious free time?  You work, clean, cook, take care of kids, pets, and the garden, struggle just to get lunches packed, and have about ten seconds to yourself before falling asleep?  I can't handle it for more than a few days.  I just can't.  I need time to myself, to do the things my mind and heart want to do.  I went without that down time for several weekends during the fall, and having these five days off really helped me catch up on time.

So what did I do with all my time?  I quilted!  I got nearly halfway through piecing a king-sized quilt for my parents.  All of the dark purple pieces are pieced.  I still have the light purple pieces and the white bits, so probably another three weeks or so on that before I can assemble the blocks.

I also broke out my new Cricut cartridges that I got at Christmas and played with them a bit.  I tried out some new products that are super fun as well, Perfect Pearls and distress ink.  Lots of learning still to do, but I am getting better at using both of them.

I didn't bake much, didn't even cook all that much, and I don't think we really cleaned anything aside from little messes as we made them.  It was really five days of vacation.

That I really needed.

And now I'm back, nose to the grindstone, but trying just a little harder to keep that balance between fun and not-so-fun.  So far I'm winning.

And the quilt looks really good, too!

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Tippy said...

I have always been interested in how to quilt. It seems so difficult though! Also, I have ALWAYS wanted a Cricut! Is it as amazing as it seems? I am an avid scrapbooker and card maker, so it seems like it would take a lot of stress out of the projects!