Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Flood of Ideas

We've had some high water in our neighborhood recently, so I have been busy watching the news and checking river levels constantly.  The water was up to car windows just four or five blocks away in one direction, and a very swollen Willamette River churned about a mile away in another direction.  Thankfully The Man and I had no problems getting around to shop and work (but I'm not confirming or denying that any valuables got perched on high).

My mind has also been flooding lately with ideas!  I've been scheming like a mad woman about how to construct my Kindle cover.  Well, first I had to download and read an entire book last night, because why have a cover for a device I am not using.  Call it research... or something.  I hardly slept last night with the plans floating around.  Hard covers, soft covers, cases, skins, sleeves.  Bottom-flip-up or side-flip-open?  Waterproof or no?  I was flip-flopping all over the place with no clear direction.

On Friday, I made a stab at a ripstop nylon cover stiffened by some two-ply chip board (I laminated them together for strength).  That idea was working splendidly until I attached the elastic to hold the Kindle in, but then things got all bunched and wouldn't lay flat anymore, and that little $5 adventure got stuffed into the bin.  Today's attempt with a $2 journal notepad thing I found at Michael's proved slightly better.  I got the entire outside looking fabulous.  The elastic, again, caused issues on the inside.  I haven't found a way to camouflage the ends of the elastics and still have everything look nice.

Being out nearly $10 already if you count bits of thread, Mod Podge, fabric scraps, and supplies purchased for this endeavor, I don't really want to make another attempt until I have a solid plan.  I've also realized that I don't necessarily want a cover on my Kindle.  I like holding it when I read.  Idon't think I'll like the feel with the weight of a cover.  I just need something to put it in when I throw it in my bag.  This is all leading me to creating a Kindle sleeve rather than a fitted cover.  Maybe a sleeve with a pocket so I have a place to put the little light I use with it.

And sleeves I can do.  I'm a pro at sleeves.  Seriously, even the idea of a zipper doesn't scare me.

Damn elastic.

The flood waters have receded both in town and in my head.  I have other projects to work on, and I am feeling much less bent on making a Kindle cover.  Will keep you updated on that progress later.

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