Monday, January 23, 2012

In Which I Dyed My Hair for the Very First Time

Allow me to begin this saga by stating that I have no pictures of my newly-dyed hair.  It's not because I don't want you to see me or it, but that the difference is so slight it's not really picture-worthy.  Unless I'm in direct sunlight, the new hair color is barely noticeable.  Which is good, I guess, as I don't look weird-er.  And we seem to have a bit of a sunlight shortage right now seeing as it is winter in Oregon.

I've never dyed my hair before.  I guess I've had opportunities, but the fancy never really took hold.  I've seen lots of other people around me dye their hair, both men and women.  My sister has had her hair dyed several different colors (sometimes at once), and she's usually had very pleasant results.  Even the scary-red hair looked really cute on her.

Being a bit science-y, I had to learn all about hair dye before I even started this process.  I learned about permanent color, demi- and semi-permanent color, washes, rinses, highlights and lowlights, temporary color, and poisonous chemicals.  After much reflection and some hesitation, I decided to go with a demi-permanent color just slightly different from my normal hair color.

The store had row after row of permanent hair color but just a small section of other colors.  I was limited to brown, dark brown, mahogany tones, and some purple number that just didn't feel quite natural seeing how I didn't want to look like a troll doll.  The Man was with me, and he steered me toward a redder version of brown.  I selected Clairol Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry, #22.

My trusty hubby accompanied me in the bathroom later last night with gloved hands (sounds like a horror story, sorry).  With a towel wrapped about my neck--secured with clothespins, because, hey, I'm high-class like that--I sectioned out my hair and had The Man gently rub the scariest deep purple dye into my head.  The activator was orange to start with, so the fact that it turned purple as I rubbed it into my hair was a bit of a consolation!  Five minutes later, both of us frantically trying to massage the dye into my hair, the 10-minute wait began.  My tender brown hairs turned darker and darker into a deep jet black.  At eight minutes, I couldn't handle it anymore.  I got scared.  I jumped into the shower and started rinsing.  And rinsing.  And rinsing.  It took a good few minutes to get all of the dye out.  My very black hair faded to the normal dark brown it usually is when it's wet.

I had to wait an hour or more for my hair to dry before I could see the final color.  I imagined all sorts of horrific tragedies that could have befallen my locks: orange hair, green hair, purple strands, streaky red blotches, hanks falling out, the works.  Before I went to bed I got one very good long look at my hair.

It's still brown.

BUT! It has the faintest, warmest bit of red.  And it makes my freckles pop perfectly.  My yellow-hazel eyes are gorgeously illuminated.  This is the color I wanted my hair to be all along, not just flat mousy brown.  It's like "me-plus."

I think I'll definitely dye my hair again using this same color, but I might leave it in just a little bit longer.  No need to jump the gun or hurry through.  I didn't have any allergic reactions--yay!--so that's reassuring.  I am also glad my hair will take dye considering how little it will take any curl.

So I love it.  I love my hair.  I am glad that it's not such a huge change that other people are like, "Whoa!" and I'm glad it's not nothing.  Just hope the dye lasts a while...


cm0978 said...

Can't wait to see the results! One time my friend convinced me to go REALLY blonde. I think I scared Chuck when he came home. :)

Anonymous said...

You are Brave!! I'm happy that it worked for you!