Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It Snows, I Quilt

I know I resolved to post more this year just last week, and then I took a long weekend off from blogging didn't I?  It was for a good reason, I promise!

The Man and I had a good weekend.  We were able to spend a couple hours with my best friend and his wife on Sunday.  We haven't seen them in ages, so that was really special.  I made good progress on my quilt, took a couple hours to make up a double-batch of flour tortillas, and even sat at the piano for a while.  That doesn't sound like much, but we were pretty busy for all three days.

Plus it snowed!  We got a good inch at home, but our church got almost two inches.  That is probably hilariously little to people who get snow every winter, but western Oregon only gets a couple inches of snow most years.  We just don't have the road clearing equipment, sanding trucks, and the like.  When it snows here, Oregonians pretty much hole up and don't do anything but stare out the windows and drink more coffee or tea or whatever it is that we do when its cold.  I know cities in Alaska are completely buried in snow, but our inch was sort of a big deal to us.  A "yeah, that happens sometimes, not the end of the world, but certainly not a guaranteed thing" sort of thing.  Snow, yay!

I forgot to mention I got new shoes.  As you probably know, I struggle extra lots'n'lots trying to find narrow shoes that are also remotely attractive.  Having discovered Ryka shoes last year, I was looking on Zappos.com and found these beauties!  I was a bit nervous to order them without trying them on, but my size was correct with the last pair of shoes I had in that brand, so I went for it.  Holy crap, they are narrow!  My feet completely fill the shoes with no problems or tightness or binding, and the toe box is just perfect for a tiny bit of wiggle room (claustrophobic toes and all).  I was so surprised at how narrow they are just off the shelf, not a narrow size or anything.  My laces don't pull the right and left sides of the shoes together to meet in the middle or anything.  My only complaint is that the soles don't go up a little higher on the shoes, but as long as I don't go splashing through deep puddles (ha!) there's no problem.  Comfy, warm, and snug, for once!

Craving Chinese food.  And pizza.  And snow cones.  Like, real snow snow cones.  I wonder if using my SodaStream syrups on fresh packed snow would work...

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