Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Man and I finally broke down and bought Kindles.  In a way, I feel like we lost a battle.  On the other hand, yay new technology, fewer books to store, and constantly running out of books to read!

We were very resistant to the idea of an e-reader for a long time.  The Man had heard that if you buy a book and put it on your Kindle (or Nook or whatever device), the publisher can just take it away at any point.  Not the same as a hard copy, is it?  We recently learned that this is untrue now, and once you buy a book, it's yours.  We were also concerned about battery life, portability, and availability of books we like to read and the ability to share them.

Both of us are avid readers like our parents, and our mothers both got Kindles before we did, so we had an idea about their usefulness.  But, being rather plugged in already with our laptops, smart phones, and computers at work, we struggled to figure out which e-reader was right for us.  With all the keypads, touchscreens, and other gimmicks, it was a two-day compare-contrast-athon.  In the end, we just got Kindles.  No keyboards, no touch screens.  If we want to be on the Internet or play games, we have other devices.  Our new Kindles are simply book replacement devices.

So here's the problem with books at Chez Jaggy: we have four bookcases completely full of books.  We're talking big bookcases here, too.  Some books won't even fit anymore, and we don't really have a place for yet another bookcase.  And that's after whittling down the pile and just keeping the books we really like.  We do re-read books, so that's why we're keeping them.  As much as we'd love to get more books, our town doesn't have a bookstore anymore.  (Yes, I know we have the used bookstores and the college bookstore, but they don't carry the books The Man and I like to read.  It's easier for us to order online than through them, too.)

With no bookstore in sight, the local library not having what we like, and the inability to store even one more book, we bought Kindles.  It won't have that musty book smell, and it won't be another notch on the bookshelf--or whatever it is people do with books once they've read them, but it will save us some money in the long run from having to go over an hour to a bookstore or pay shipping costs.

Now I just have to make Kindle covers that don't break the bank like the commercially available ones.  Seriously, Amazon wants $60 for a cover that goes on a $75 e-reader.  I'm all for protecting investments, but come on!  Bet I can do the same thing for under $20--for two covers.  LED lights, pretty colors, the whole works.  My gears are turning as I type.


Katrina said...

I love my Kindle. My husband got me one for my birthday last year - one with a keyboard - and it is so nice for my bus commute. I bought my case on eBay for $10, but making one is a great idea.

Enjoy it!

Everyday Obscurity said...

Yay for Kindles!! The expensive covers really are a nuisance. I'm excited to see your crafty version!