Thursday, January 19, 2012


Want to quilt but have no free time to do so?  Want to quilt but don't have a sewing machine?  Want quilt-like art for your walls but aren't up for a king-sized mural?  Enter Quilt Magic!

I am a quilter, and I do have a little of that precious free time for quilting.  I also have a nice sewing machine.  And, crazy me, I'm working on a king-sized monstrosity.  But I like quick projects as much as the next person, and my apartment walls are pretty bare in some rooms.  The Man and I don't really like paintings much or have the money for expensive artwork.  I've had my eye on some Quilt Magic kits in the past, so I finally sunk $20 into a kit this month.  I got mine 50%-off online at  They shipped it ten days ago, and now it's finally here (no thanks to Fed-Ex Smartpost, which is really Stupidpost: I learned that lesson the hard way).

Not telling which kit I got, sorry.  I'll post pictures when it's all put together, probably next week.

In other news, I have a plan for my Kindle cover firming up, and I managed to get the really nice (and cheap!) LED reading light that I wanted at Fred Meyer.  Yay for that taking AAA batteries and not stupid button batteries that have letter-number combinations that make no sense.  I haven't decided on fabrics yet, but I'm thinking either ripstop nylon outside or canvas.  I also haven't figure out the closure mechanism, whether it is a zipper, a button loop, velcro, a snap, or a magnet.  So many choices!!

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