Monday, January 30, 2012

We Love Columbia

The Man and I have discovered over the years that we are true northwesterners.  We're both big fans of layering our clothes and wearing the anti-couture polar fleece.  To anyone not from Oregon or Washington (and to remind those who do live here), the first thing you probably ever learned about the great northwest was that it rains here a lot.  Which isn't actually true.  It does rain, but not hard very often, and we're not real big on non-natives learning that (especially Californians).  However, it is grey and cold for three seasons, thus our love of fleece.

And judging by the fact that you'll likely never seen little girls (or boys) from Oregon and Washington on Toddlers and Tiaras, it appears we learn to love our fleece quite young.  ...Or maybe it's that northwesterners just don't give a hootenanny about torturing our offspring with fake tans and hairspray.  Also?  I can't believe I actually watch that show from time to time.

So we love fleece.  And layers.  But not layers of fleece, because that would be all impossible to wear.  Our favorite place to shop for fleece and other warm layers is Columbia Sportswear.  This weekend, we made the trek north to our favorite warm store.  We were the first people in when the doors unlocked on Saturday morning.  We were the first to check out a mere twenty minutes later, bundles of fleece in tow.  I scored two pullovers and one full-zip fleece jacket.  The Man nabbed a very cozy sweater-type pull-over and a lunchbox.

Because apparently Columbia can keep people warm and lunch cold.  Hmm.

After sales and deals and whatnots, we escaped with our treasures for just about $100.  I can honestly say we've been toasty warm ever since.  And snuggly.  New fleece is probably the most snuggly thing ever.

(Maybe I should have named this post "Ode to Fleece.")

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