Monday, January 09, 2012

The Whale

It was a splurge, the whale.  The Man saw it first, and I was excited enough to throw it in the cart.  When we got to the checkstand, he finally noticed I'd grabbed it and chided me a bit.  A whale?  You have to see this.

Our whale sits under the faucet in the bathroom.  It fits snugly around the round part right where the water comes out, no glue or adhesive necessary.  It doesn't impede normal use of the faucet, and it doesn't really get in the way of brushing our teeth or anything else.  But when we pull the little whale's belly up to the body, the water shoots out the whale's blow hole and makes the faucet into a fountain!  No more wasteful cups in the bathroom.  No more cupped and drippy hands trying to get a mouthful of water.  Just a little swoop of the finger and the insta-fountain is born.

I know this is totally cheesy and completely juvenile for us to have in our bathroom, but we both really like it.  The whale may get old after a while.  I can see it being very useful with kids, though, so I might keep it just in case.

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Jules said...

I love it! I know some kids who would too - might have to invest in one for a birthday :)
And if you can't be 'juvenile' in your old age, what fun is there in life?