Thursday, February 16, 2012


I don't get the opportunity to cook for lots of people very often.  That's a good thing, I suppose, since it's a lot of work to feed people.  I usually only cook for The Man and myself, and every once in a while I will cook for another person or maybe two other people.  Cooking for six is pretty easy, and I have the pots and pans for that amount of food.

This week at work, we had a taco feed for faculty and staff in order to raise money for the local food bank.  I volunteered to make the flour tortillas and the chicken.  We also had ground beef, lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream, refried beans, cilantro, and olives that a couple of other people made or brought.  The sign-up sheet included about twenty names, and we hoped each person would kick in at least $5 for their meal, so we aimed for $100 in profit.  That's a pretty good fundraiser, right?  It's something.

I spent Tuesday night rolling tortillas until my back just couldn't take it anymore.  I think I ended up with about fifty tortillas.  They each have to be rolled with a rolling pin and then cooked in a very hot cast iron pan very quickly.  I was done start-to-finish in under two hours.

On Wednesday, I got up a little early and threw twelve chicken breasts into my crock pot with some water.  The chicken cooked on low all day until I got home from work.  I took the meat out and shredded it a little, cleaned the crock pot, and returned the meat to the pot.  I dumped two packets of taco seasoning, nothing special, on the meat.  It sat in the fridge over night, and I just grabbed the crock of meat and my tortillas out for my trip to work this morning.  The chicken sat on low all morning and was perfectly hot at lunch.  The tortillas were easy enough to throw on a plate and warm up.

Within an hour, every last tortilla was gone.  People were stuffed.  Money was raised.  And my culinary skills were appreciated very much.  The greatest compliment to my cooking is a clean plate and satisfied people, so I believe we were successful on both fronts.  I have a little bit of chicken left over, which is good, but even non-chicken eaters were enjoying my efforts there.  I enjoy feeding people perhaps as much as I like eating my own cooking.

I'm always scared someone is going to nominate me for one of those "Worst Cook in America" shows after they eat what I make, but so far I don't have any worrying to do.  The Man certainly enjoys my efforts in the kitchen, and I don't have any trouble eating my cooking, but it feels nice to hear good things from other people.

No chance of me opening a restaurant, though.  Not going to happen.  I don't like cooking that much.

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