Friday, February 17, 2012

If Ever There Was a Reason to Move

I can't make this stuff up, folks.  *sigh

*shakes head

Our apartment management has struck again.

Every year around this time, the managers and maintenance men tour every apartment in our complex.  I think they are just making sure that nobody is hoarding or attempting to burn the place down, though they claim they look at the water heater, the dryer vents, and behind the refrigerators for dust bunnies or whatever it is they hope to find.  The inspection usually results in absolutely nothing happening, so it's not a big deal for me to allow perfect strangers into my home--while I'm not even there--to look around.  Security?  What's that?

As you know, our apartment has had maintenance men in it in the past.  Their "handywork" has been exhibited to me in appalling ways, so I generally try not to contact them if at all possible.  After contacting them three different times about our front door not latching properly, we gave up and just did without one of the two locks for six months.  The door has miraculously started working better lately, which is good, but we don't know why it works.  I won't even get into the other horrors I've seen them create in our few square feet of home.

We don't have a choice about whether or not to allow these "handy" men into our apartment for the annual inspection.  This Tuesday while we were both at work, the group let themselves into our apartment and had a nice long look around.  They investigated the closet with the water heater, moved everything around in our kitchen (without replacing anything, not even the fridge to its proper position), moved the dryer around, and managed to track lint from one corner of our apartment to the other.  I took pictures.  Seriously, I'm not sure where they even found that much lint, but it was everywhere.  I found lint in the bathroom, in the dining room, out by the couch... no attempt was made to clean up after themselves.  Sorta pissed me off.

They did leave a nice note, though, indicating they'd be returning later this week to fix what they deemed a necessary repair.  Nevermind that the water heater is older than we are, the fridge runs louder than a coffee percolator, and the bathroom faucet knob barely turns.  Ignore that our front door has massive gaps all around it.  Forget the mold I'm fighting in the window sills.  Oh no, they insisted that the one thing that must be repaired was a bathroom cabinet door that hung slightly crooked.

*blink, blink, blink

*shakes head

Thursday.  I return home from work to find the bathroom rug covered in wood shavings.  My beautiful microfiber memory foam rug.  There was mud smeared on the vinyl floor around the rug, grimy fingerprints all over the cabinet doors, and a cabinet door that hung slightly straighter than before.

I slowly opened the cabinet door to inspect the work.

I suspect they used school glue, wood blocks, and all thumbs to complete the repair.

Where once we had an intact cabinet, they hacked--and I mean literally hacked--out a section of the cabinet frame, glued on some hunks of wood, and attached the hinge to exactly the same place it used to be.  The wood hunks are neither the correct size or color, nor are they even a similar wood.  I think one hunk is pine and the other an oak.  The cabinets are probably particle board.  Rather than hacking the living daylight out of the cabinets to replace damaged wood, wouldn't it have just been easier to move the hinge?

I'm not so mad about the shoddy work as I am the condition in which our apartment was left when these strange men worked in our home.  Who tracks lint throughout an apartment without making any attempt to clean up?  Who does any sort of home repair and leaves the resulting mess for tenants?  Just appalling.  Absolutely wrong.

But what can I do?


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Anonymous said...

Your Dad's quality of workmanship has spoiled you! I know that we have been so blessed to have such a great handiman who thinks a project through before he begins. Most of the time, you can't even tell that a repair was made, no matter how hard you look.

Just wait until you are a happy homeowner. Then the repairs will be up to you and The Man!